Our Syllabus is formed by my sifu

Ving Tsun Master Chan Kim Man

Master Chan Kim Man is one of the top Wong Shun Leung Student. Sifu Leung Chun Wai  follow Master Chan over 15 years and severd as the instructor at School.

Scientific Ving Tsun : Grand Master Wong Shun Leung devoted his life to Ving Tsun research and development for over forty years. By his studies, teaching and combat experiences, he find the truth in combat through Ving Tsun. WSL’s Ving Tsun system is a direct and scientific fighting technique. According to Master Wong ,”Ving Tsun is not only a kind of fighting technique, but a way of life”. After Beijing Seminar Master Wong  named his Ving Tsun to “Scientific Ving Tsun”

Level One to Four


Level 1

Siu Lim Tao Form, Chi Sao (Single and Double Sticky Hands), Forward and Backward Steps

Level 2

Practical Application of Siu Lim Tao Form

Level 3

Hands Technique Exercises, Chum Kiu Form, Fighting Training, Attending at least 80 Training Lessons

Level 4

Practical Application of Chum Kiu Form

Level Five to Eight


Level 5

Sticky Legs, Elementary Level of Wooden Dummy Form
Level 6

Biu Tze Form, Advance Level of Wooden Dummy Form

Level 7

Practical Application of Biu Tze Form

Level 8

Practical Application of Wooden Dummy Form

Level Nine to Twelve


Level 9

Six and a Half Pole Form
Level 10

Practical Application of Six and a Half Pole Form

Level 11

Bat Cham Dou Form

Level 12

Practical Application of Bat Cham Dou Form


Tuesday and Thursday




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