Tuesday and Thursday Classes

8:10pm - 10:10pm Group training
Monthly fee  HK$880, Trail HK$180
PUNCH from centre, POWER from the ground

Training  Guide: Warm up, basic ving tsun drill, divide different level training. This training are crucial to your success in the Scientific Ving Tsun Training.

Chief Coach : Sifu Leung Chun Wai

Coach: Benny Cheng

Coach: Chiu Wong

Private training HK$500

Chief Coach : Sifu Leung Chun Wai

Ving Tsun Athletic Association

- Permanent Member

- Certificate Instructor

All plans and support you need to
achieve your goals.
What are you waiting for?

Sifu Joseph leung


Tuesday and Thursday




Flat J, 7/F, Po Foo Building

1-5 Foo Ming Street

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


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